Scottish Counter Network

Partners: Poisson Consulting and Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
Client: Marine Scotland Science
Time Frame: August 2014 – October 2015
Location: Scotland, England, Iceland, Canada
Key Services: Stock Assessment, Statistical and Simulation Modelling

IFR conducted a comprehensive technical review of fish counter technologies for Marine Scotland Science. This project delivered an integrated model – addressing key knowledge gaps – to assist in the development of a strategic automated counter network for salmon in Scotland. This work will facilitate best practice in future data collection activities that are required to inform conservation limits targets to maintain healthy salmon populations.

Braun, D., D. McCubbing, D. Ramos-Espinoza, M. Chung, L. Burroughs, N. Burnett, J. Thorley, J. Ladell, C. Melville, B. Chillibeck, and M. Lefevre. 2016. Technical, logistical, and economic considerations for the development and implementation of a Scottish salmon counter network. Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science 7: 267 p. + 3 Apps.