IFR’s Integrative Approach

IFR integrates technologies to develop creative solutions to fisheries issues. Combining technologies allows IFR to study ecological processes at scales relevant to the clients’ needs. For example, IFR uses multiple remote sensing technologies to develop novel approaches to estimate migration survival and escapement in large watersheds. IFR combines different tools at all project levels, from data collection to report production.

PIT Telemetry

PITR: A New Open Source RPackage for PIT Telemetry Data

Passive integrated transponder (PIT) telemetry has become a cost-effective and powerful tool to study, monitor, and manage fish populations. As with many passive data collection methods, PIT telemetry produces large output files that are challenging to clean, format, and analyze without specialized expertise in data manipulation and management. To address this, we have developed PITR, an open source R package that is designed to automate and standardize the process of collating, managing, and summarizing PIT telemetry data collected from half-duplex Oregon RFID readers. Applications of the PITR package range from short-term, single array studies to those involving multiple arrays across broad spatial and temporal scales. PITR provides significant time and cost savings to users, and facilitates the integration of datasets from different projects and regions. PITR contains three main families of functions: data collation, data management, and data summary.

Joel M. S. Harding, Douglas C. Braun, Nicholas J. Burnett, and Annika Putt, InStream Fisheries Research Inc.